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Getting Access to More Books and Documents

Wed, 2015-06-24

Getting Access to More Books and Documents

On the 24th of June 2015 in the afternoon The European Blind Union (EBU) The World Blind Union, European Disability Forum organized a session at the European Parliament in Brussels to aware European MPs on the Treaty of Marrakesh.
Find out what this Treaty is about.

VIEWS International at the invitation its president Jessica Schroeder, who works at the German Federation of Blind and Partially sighted (DBSV) in Germany and is also representative of EBU, has participated to this event..

With six person two sighted and two blind we went to support this group.
Access to information documents books or any other type of information is a human right but not only. For blind people a necessity.

Our organization supports and works mostly with and for young people and to a proper professional integration it is a real need to access up to date information. It is impossible with our todays society to come as a visually impaired only with old information. The time of transforming a book into an accessible one takes most of the time several months.

That because the specialized organization have to do the work from the beginning, scan it and prepare it for braille, or record it. And then ther e is a list where these ones choose those most important and not all of them. . That because of lack of fundings, people to do the work and time.

With the Marrakesh Treaty this could change because the organisations could directly use the files from the editors and also would not need to lose time asking the permition to transform the book.

We really hope that all European institution will support visually impaired to get more informed and up to date in ratifying this Treaty. This way all member countries would be obliged to go foreward and make proper legislation to get access to more documents.