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First Transnational Meeting in Liège Belgium


We are pleased to inform you that the first of three Transnational Meetings about our strategic partnership “VIP awareness raising on unemployment” took place in Liège, Belgium from 15th till 18th of November 2015.

With this project we would like to support visually impaired persons (vip) not only to be prepared to find employment but to help them enter the working environment as easily as possible, to break down the prejudices, and raise awareness of the potential and capabilities of vip to future employers who may hire or offer internships. And on the other hand to establish a strong cooperation with public and local institutions to improve and facilitate this integration in the labor market.

At this meeting, participants from Views International gathered with partners from France (GIAA/Views France), Italy (Aforisma & Istitutto Rittemeyer) and Germany (DBSV & LWL Soest). Where the whole project was presented in detail: the aims, the intellectual outputs, future events and the budget.

In the beginning each partner presented their own organization: what they do and what they do for the visually impaired and blind in terms of employment.

Most of the meeting was focus on talking about the situation of the visually impaired and the integration in the labor market in each participant country.

This gave an overview of the working situation of VIP in all involved countries.

The majority of the participants are visually impaired and blind persons who are really interested and personally involved in these programs and give a concrete and practical contribution.