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First transnational meeting, Granada (Spain)

This month of May, we travelled to Granada to attend to the first transnational meeting of the strategic partnership 2018-2020: VIP and new technologies: easy access to job market.

On this project, we are working with three others associations. Two from Italy (Istituto Rittmeyer and AFORISMA) and one from Spain (FundaciĆ³n Docete Omnes).

The team

Here is a picture of the team

The goal is to develop a webapp to facilitate the job search for people who are blind or have low vision and an online platform (with info on the preparation of a CV, cover letter, legislation, etc.) to support the integration into the labor market of young people with a visual impairment.
During this first meeting, we worked on the first draft of the project. We have established the list of things to achieve as well as the difficulties in getting there.

We also divided the work, placed deadlines and prepared the next meetings and transnational meetings.

Here is the link to have information on the real-time progress of the project