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First days in Liege - Roxana and Kuba

Hi, I'm Jakub the new ESC volunteer (European Solidarity Corps) at VIEWS office. Together with Roxana, the second volunteer, we started our ESC project on September 16th. Our first two weeks were busy, but spent in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere and this is how our first days looked like.

After we've got in the flat, we were welcomed by Tamara, who is helping us with our daily living skills. The next morning, we met Corentin, who is responsible for administrative matters at the place where we living. He explained us the rules and useful information about our apartment. After this meeting we went with Anca (our project coordinator) to the City Hall to register us in Belgium. On the third day we met Carine (our mobility instructor) and Philippe (our French teacher) and we started increase our autonomy, discover the city and improve our French skills. The week finished with Anca and Sylvie's (Sylvie is also part of VIEWS team) visit, for our first induction session. It was a very interesting and inspiring conversation about our projects, objectives and expectations.

The second preparatory week started with the visit of historical center of Liege; accompanied by Anca, we visited some of the city landmarks: Place Saint Lambert, Hotel de Ville, La Palais des Princes-Evêques and many more exciting places. During this visit Anca told us about the major events in Liege that will take a part in the future. After discovering the most exciting places in Liege we went for our first visit at VIEWS office. There we had our first mentor meeting (my mentor is Anca and Corentin is Roxana’s mentor) where we agreed what we can expect from each other during the ESC project. For the rest of the week, we continued our learning to be independent in a new environment. At the end of our preparatory period we've met another volunteer Angelique, whom together with Sylvie introduced us to first aid (rules and practical exercises).

These few days spent in Liege were amazing. We had the opportunity to meet several new people, saw many interesting places and we could improve our autonomy with the help from local volunteers. Now it is time to start our volunteering activities and enjoy discoverying Belgium.

P.S. If you are young visually impaired person, you can still join Roxana and Kuba in Liège for one of our available ESC projects in Belgium. Please check the information below:
Are you interested? E-mail: