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Fais Ta Place, Liège (Belgium)


On May 22nd, Views International held awareness-raising activities: board adapted games, Braille writing,... for young people from St-Marguerite neighbourhood (Liège).

"Fais ta place" was a local event focusing on an urban environment in a lively neighbourhood. Public spaces today must be multifunctional and evolving!

There are so many needs and demands of citizens, depending on the time of the week, age, professional activity ...
Under the sign of a changing urban scenery, the Proximity team of Sainte-Marguerite / Glain / Burenville (City of Liège), in partnership with several neighbourhood associations including Views International, gathered in order to support all discover the place of the Sainte-Marguerite church otherwise, through an afternoon placed under the sign of "Urban Cultures" in all their forms: music / dance, rap / hip-hop, ... creativity graffiti/fresco and food of the world.

Let's thank Adela, Corentin, Jerome, Florentin and Anca for leading those activities.