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The Extraordinary Film Festival

From November 11th till November 15th took place the 3rd edition of the Extraordinary Film Festival in Namur Belgium.

This events gathers film directors, organisations disabled persons. The link between these persons is the disability.

During the Festival documentary and fiction with the theme of disability are presented to people.
Visitors with a visual impairment could benefit of Audio Description.

Our organisation had the opportunity on the 11th and the 14th to be present with some awareness activities.
People could try during brakes to do daily gestures blindfolded.

Place a letter in an envelop, sign might seem very simple but when you are blindfolded it is different.

They could test their smell and audition via workshops.

A nice opportunity for meetings and of course why not enjoy some films too

Our volunteer Rosaria was present and she reports:

The 11 and 14 of November we participated to the extraordinary film festival about handicap and during the breaks between projections we have proposed to the young people who participated at the festival to do some experience blindfolded to raise awareness on this issue
We do different activities:
- olfactory section, we had some spices and they had to smell and recognize what kind of spice it was;
- listen section, we had record some sounds and real noise situations and they had to understand what it was;
- tactile section, we proposed some activities like recognize un relief image or find un object in a bag with a lot of other objects or some activities relating to daily life such as insert a letter in un envelope or a cd in its case or simply drinking a coffee without seeing

We also explained how blind person recognize money and coins and they try to do that
The persons who participated in these activities are curious and willing to try and understand the blind world.

What tell about the projection and?
It were all very interesting because it touched many field and aspect of disability.
It is very important that were organised these sensitization and awareness raising events to share this kind of problem with other person which doesn’t live these kind of situations.