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Executive Bureau

The Executive Bureau is responsible for putting in practice the decisions taken by the board of directors and for the daily management of the organisation: development and realisation of projects, follow-up of contacts with the partners and administration.

Anca David, Director of the Executive Bureau


I'm Anca. I work as project manager since 2006. I was one of the co-founders of VIEWS International in 2008. My main responsability is the coordination, sending and hosting of EVS projects. I am in charge of other type of projects like: youth exchanges, trainings, seminars, job shadowings, feasibility visits etc., as well as of local activities (e.g. adapted cultural visits, awareness sessions, etc) and of local and international contacts with partner organisations. I coordinate the Communication Group and the Executive Office of VIEWS International. I find my work in VIEWS International exciting and dynamic.

Tamara Scharping, Manager Assistant

Hello, my name is Tamara and I’m an administrative assistant for Views International. I’m from the German-speaking part of Belgium but now I live in Liège. After my two Bachelor degrees (Communication and Specialized Education) and different kind of jobs (mostly in the social domain), I worked as a social worker for an organisation that helps people with visual impairment. My task consisted in encouraging visually impaired people to acquire or regain their autonomy, for example by giving mobility and daily living skills classes. That’s why I’m particularly happy to get the chance to continue working in the same field. Being able to work for an international organization that manages mobility programmes, and with European volunteers besides, is the cherry on the cake for me!

In fact, in 2011 I worked for a few months as an EVS volunteer in a youth centre in Sweden (the town was called Örnsköldsvik - just try to say that!). Afterwards, I worked as a co-ordinator of mobility projects for young people (EVS- and Bel'J), being in charge of the administrative aspects of Belgian and European exchanges. I believe that working for Views International is a great opportunity to combine these life and work experiences and to take up a new challenge.

In my spare time I love reading, travelling and cooking international food.

Clara Ori (EVS 2016-2017)

Hello, everybody! My name is Clara, I am 29 years old, and I come from the eternal city of Rome, Italy. I've always had the annoying tendency to study too much: after BA and MA in Modern Languages and Translation, I did another MA in Conference Interpretation. I've always had a passion for languages, and at university I studied Dutch, English and Spanish. However, there was one language that I'd never had the time/chance to learn, though I find it extremely beautiful: le français! As a conference interpreter, it's almost blasphemous to not speak French, especially if you aspire to work at the European institutions, like myself. That's one of the reasons why I'm here in Liège right now. To improve my French. But not the only one.

I've been blind since birth, and I've always loved to be involved in blind-related things. To help other blind people with technology or other things I was good at. In particular, I've always loved to encourage blind people to get out of their shells, to dare a bit more and be out there, trying new things and living to the fullest. That's why I've always loved to participate in summer camps for blind people, especially the international ones, where I could exchange ideas with other blind people and share with them things I had already discovered on my own.

All this being said, you can imagine how thrilled and excited I am to do my EVS for six months at Views International's office! I hope I'll be able to make a nice contribution and place my skills at the service of many blind people. I know that previous volunteers did great things in the previous years, and I really hope I'll be up to the task. I'll stay in Liège until July 2017!

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