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Exciting First Trip to Murcia Spain

My Advanced Planning Visit (APV) for Erasmus + in Murcia took place from the 24th to the 27th of September in 2018.

I was accompanied on that journey by Anca who was there as my guide. When we arrived we first met my colleague with whom I work together on this six month lasting project. Her first name is Camilla and she comes from Poland. We lodged in a beautiful hotel in the city center. On Tuesday we met the persons in charge of the project, who introduced the project to us. In the late afternoon Pedro our local guide showed us the city. In the evening I met with Ana Cristina, a Spanish girl who made her EVS in Li├Ęge. I asked her to help me a bit with the Spanish language.

On Wednesday we both signed the contract. Then we got to know my office and they informed us on their various services to help young people. We went back on Thursday. But because our flight got canceled Anca and I had to stay a night in Madrid.

I consider this project to be quite exciting even so my level of aprahantion and stress got higher the longer our visit lasted. But also my pride got activated for I had managed anything I started in life so far. Now I have six months time to see whether this project is successful or not. In any case I can say, that Murcia is quite an open and nice city.