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EVS trip to Ghent

An EVS project is of course a valuable opportunity to gain professional experience and to learn a new language, but it is also a chance to explore a country you may have never visited before. With so much to see and so many places to visit, it is possible for EVS volunteers to coordinate cultural activities and outings with volunteers from VIEWS International.

Doing exactly this, Anca, Corto, Elin, and guide dog Jazzy of course, took a trip to the Belgium city of Ghent.

Ghent castle

First taking a boat ride on the river Leie, we enjoyed a relaxing tour on the water while listening to the tour guide recount historical tales about the city.

Elin and Corto smiling, sitting in the boat

View from the boat – different coloured houses and Marriott hotel

When we left the boat we were feeling quite hungry, so we decided to find a spot in a local restaurant to have some lunch. The food was amazing!

Starter duck and melon

Fish main course

Vol-au-vent main course

Strawberry meringue ice-cream desert

The rest of the afternoon was spent strolling around the city centre, exploring local shops and investigating various monuments.

Souvenir shops are great places to find small statues or replicas of local landmarks, for example we found miniature representations of typical Flemish style houses that we were able to touch in order to better understand what they look like.

Typical Flemish houses alongside the canal

We even did a little climbing, but not the usual sort! Often the best way to understand something if you can’t see it is to feel it, so it was inevitable that we had to get up close and personal with some of the larger monuments in order to feel the structure and understand the size.

We finished the day by enjoying some beer in the sunshine before making a quick dash for our train back to Liege, even managing to just mis the rain!

Corto, Elin and Jazzy stood on a bridge with the canal in the background