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EVS Murcia APV

Advanced Planning Visit for Julien’s EVS project in Murcia (Spain)

Julien, a Belgian young visually impaired person from Liege, will soon begin his six-month-long EVS project in Murcia, Spain. As with all adapted EVS projects, Julien had the chance to attend an advanced planning visit before he officially starts his project so that he can become familiar with his new home. Anca accompanied Julien for the APV and tells us what it involved.

The Advanced Planning Visit took place between February 18th till February 21st 2018. Julien had the chance to meet with his fellow volunteer, Piotr from Poland, and to get to know the environment of their future EVS project.


They had a presentation from the hosting institution, the City Council of Murcia – Youth Department, they met with their future colleagues and their mentors, they met with the team of visual impairment specialists from ONCE office in Murcia and explored around the old city centre. They also had the chance to get acquainted with their accommodation for the duration of their project, and of course enjoyed some delicious local food :)

Following this visit Julien feels a lot more confident and motivated to take part in his 6 months EVS project.

Let’s wish him good luck and we wait to hear from him about his progress as soon as possible.