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EVS collaboration - Elin and Corto's joint activities

As a way of collaborating their EVS projects together, Elin and Corto recently presented some activities at their respective associations; La Baraka and IRHOV.

La Baraka

La Baraka is a social centre in Liege that has many different facets, including a creativity centre, a digital technology centre, a homework club and a language school, but the area that our EVS volunteer Elin has the most involvement with is the ‘maison de Jeunes’ in other words, the youth centre. This youth centre is open to young people aged 12 – 26 and welcomes all young people to come for interesting activities and socialising.

As part of her EVS project, Elin has lead some awareness raising activities for the young people at La Baraka, to teach them about visual impairment., and this activity followed the same theme.

Together they delivered a short presentation about themselves and their experiences of visual impairment as a small introduction, before introducing the more interactive activities; Elin presented some adapted games, while Corto gave a demonstration of how to use a white cane.

Elin and Dugumbi explaining adapted games to two young people

Corto explaining his activity to four young people

The young people seemed very engaged and had plenty of questions for the two volunteers.


IRHOV is a specialist education institution for children with visual and hearing impairments in Liege. There is both a primary and secondary school available for students, though Corto spends most of his time teaching Braille, IT skills and mobility lessons to secondary school pupils.

For the second activity, Elin and Corto held a discussion about employment and volunteering opportunities available for visually impaired students after they finish school. They hoped to inspire and encourage the students to seek employment and volunteering opportunities, especially to make the most of projects such as EVS, by sharing some of their own experiences.

Elin and Corto speaking with young people at IRHOV

It was a really proactive discussion and a great way to motivate and inspire IRHOV students, as well as sharing information about Erasmus mobility projects that are available to young people such as the adapted EVS in Murcia

IRHOV students listening to EVS volunteers

As it is nearing the end of the EVS project for Elin and Corto, these activities were a nice way of working together to collaborate on each others projects.