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EVS: challenges and opportunities

My name is Magda. I cannot believe like my neighbour. I thought I had a special and unique name in my hosting country. I’m coming from Poland from a different culture and IPolish is a totally different language in comparison with French.

In my opinion there are, both, advantages and disadvantages of this project.
In the first part of my presentation I'll write about the advantages, then I'll finish my presentation with the disadvantages of this project.
This project has been a challenge for me, especially at the beginning because I did not speak French at all. I had a hard time doing basic things like: asking for my way, doing the shopping, asking for any help or any advice. I felt very bad, because I was permanently depending on other people.

Thanks to my hard work, I made some progress, Now I speak French better, but tI still find it difficult to communicate, especially at my workplace where people only speak French and I have to find a way to communicate with them. I've been studying this language only since September and I need some more time to improve my skills, to speak it and to understand people better.
I have a hard time to solve a problem because I am not able to explain myself. Other people thing that I am not listening, but actually I don't understand what they are telling me. I don't feel comfortable regarding this. Normally I am a communicative, independent and self-confident person, who is able to overcome different difficulties in her life. I havealready been in different difficult
situations and I managed very well, but here I feel more shy and dependant on other People, because I am not able to communicate with other People, to solve difficult situations on my own. For example teachers in my school don't understand my difficulties, they are impolite with me and they don't help me at all. They laugh at me, a thing that makes everything even more difficult.
I think that People in my job don't respect and appreciate me. They don't see or don't want to see my efort and hard work.
Sometimes I feel confused and I can't manage it. Although I find it complicated and hard, I try to overcome these problems and I think that I do my best to achieve success. Unfortunately this does not depend only on me. In my opinion People, who work with me should be more comprehensive and patient with me.

They should be aware that I've been learning this language for a short time and It is very difficult for me. They have only requirements, but They do nothing to make things easyer for me and they don't understand my needs. I need some more time to learn French, some support and understanding from the others too. With a bit of support, I think I can achieve success.
I am very glad that I have an opportunity to learn French, but I need some time to do it.

On the other hand, This project has a lot of advantages. It is a good opportunity to learn new, interesting things, get to know new people from foreign countries.

I also had the opportunity to learn new cultures, to gain some experience in work, to visit new places, share my knowledge and experiences with other people, especially to learn a new and interesting language, and get many other benefits, which can influence my life. Thanks to this project I learned how to solve a problem.

I also had an occasion to consider my mistakes, to try to avoid them in the future..I think that the experience I gain in this project , will help me to find a good job and share my skills with other people. Moreover I think I became stronger and more courageous and, in the future, it will be easier to overcome different situations. I can say that this project is a good lesson and an interesting experience in my life, which I can keep in my memories.