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EVS APV 2017

In September Views International welcomed some new EVS volunteers to attend an advanced planning visit (APV) to Liege. The purpose of the APV is to give EVS volunteers an opportunity to experience and explore the city of Liege before they make it their home for the duration of their European Voluntary Service Programmes. The APV is a chance for EVS to meet their fellow volunteers, get to know their hosting association and find out a bit more about what it’s like to live and work in Belgium. Volunteers are also given the opportunity to meet the leaders of their individual projects, so they can get to know more about what their voluntary projects will involve.

Anca, Samantha, Corto, Hugus and Hamza at the Montaigne de Buren in Liege

The APV’s were very successful, with , Corto (from France) and Elin (from the UK) very much enjoying their first visit to Liege. It was a valuable opportunity for the volunteers to get to know their accommodation, to visit the organisations where they’d be volunteering and to meet the Views volunteers that would be helping them adjust to life in Liege with things like Mobility, French lessons and assistance for daily living tasks.

Selfi of Anca, Samantha, Elin, Charlotte and Megan at the Montaigne de Buren in Liege

The APV was also a good opportunity for the EVS volunteers to get all the practical information about the programme; meeting their mentors, organising how and when they will receive their pocket money, etc. It was the time for volunteers to get answers to any questions they had about the programme and to get all the information that would enable them to prepare for moving to Belgium. Not forgetting the chance to sample some local delicacies’ like Belgian waffles, beer and chocolate too, of course.