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Event in Trieste

VIP-TECH-JOB aims to empower young visually impaired persons in their request to find a job through social media and prepare them for a job interview via online and offline trainings.

Currently more than 70% of young visually impaired population in Europe is unemployed and we observed that in spite of having studied, the majority of them do not find a proper qualification.

During the last two years, the partners of the Erasmus+ Project VipTechJob have organized various events to share the results reached in each phase of the project, as well as to increase the general awareness about the possibility to make our society more inclusive and supportive with young persons with visual impairment by using new adapted technologies.

The Italian partners, Regional Institute Rittmeyer for the Blind of Trieste and Soc. Coop. Aforisma of Pisa, on the 11th of October 2019, organized two different Multipliers Events to promote and publicize the project and its aims. In the morning took place a conference in Florence, while in the evening we organized in Trieste a Dinner in the Dark. This particular event took place in a completely darkened room, set up specifically for the occasion and it was made possible exclusively thanks to visually impaired waiters, who assisted guests in rediscovering the value of the four vicarious senses: touch, taste, smell and hearing.

That was an evening with a high sensorial and emotional impact where a daily gesture like being at the table became a convivial, fun and stimulating opportunity to get to know each other and share the normality of tasting the dishes with all the senses except the sight.

It was a very important way to increase citizens' awareness of the condition of visually impaired people.