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Empowerment of vision impaired youths in expressing themselves by using multimedia

Empowerment of vision impaired youths in expressing themselves by using multimedia
approaches and being self/help group leaders

VIEWS International is glad to announce that for the 3rd time consecutive (after
Florentin Radulescu from Romania and Vanessa Cascio from Italy) we will host a
youth worker in the Executive Office in the framework of the action 4.3c of the
Youth in Action Programme.

During 6 months (10/02-10/08/2014) we will to host Ms. Jessica Schroeder, a blind
youth worker from Germany. She'll work in Views International (VI) offices situated
in Ans (BE). After working for 2 years in her SO, German Federation of the Blind and
Partially Sighted (DBSV), she now works as a volunteer in the same structure.

The youth worker will improve her skills in the project management field; she will
learn more about new EU funding programmes, as she will be looking for other funding
to realize activities in VI. The youth worker will experience team working in a
multicultural environment all by improving her French knowledge. At the end of the
project, she will have a better understanding of the daily work of an international
association & will be able to compare & learn from the differences in youth working
between Germany and Belgium.

This project will have a considerable impact on the youth worker as the
dissemination of the project results & its implementation in different courses &
audio documentations will raise social awareness for the challenges & abilities of
vision impaired youths in Europe. It can also be an advertising tool for new
collaborations between European youth organizations to facilitate inclusion process
& a partnership between disability & non-disability organizations. If vision
impaired people will conduct courses in working companies/universities it may
improve their access to study courses & the labour market.

She will improve her professional qualities, her personal qualities & she'll have
more possibilities to find a professional job as a youth worker in Germany once the
mobility project will end. Empowering young visually impaired youth workers is one
of our main goals.

Views International will coordinate this project.

With the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union