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Elin's cultural activity - bringing the pub quiz to Belgium

Elin’s cultural activity - Bringing the pub quiz to Belgium

This month I organised my first cultural activity for VIEWS. It was exciting for me because I have assisted with organising different VIEWS events before during my EVS project, but this was the first activity I would plan and coordinate myself. I decided to hold a pub quiz because it is something I would do regularly at home in the UK and is something I have missed since arriving in Belgium, so I thought why not create my own?

What is a pub quiz?

The concept of a pub quiz is very simple; people gather in a pub or bar and form teams with their friends to compete in the quiz which will usually include categories such as sport, history, general knowledge and usually a music round. Prises are normally awarded to the team who answers the highest number of questions correctly, but can also be awarded for more creative things like “best team name,” or “most creative guess”. Pub quizzes are usually lots of fun and a great way to spend time with friends during the working week.

Inspired by my local pub quiz from home, I set about writing my own quiz questions including a geography, film and TV, sports and general knowledge round, as well as a music round where teams had to name the song and artist after just listening to the intro. It was a good opportunity for me to practice my French and to test my own knowledge of Belgium history and culture when thinking of the questions. The quiz was held at a local café and I decided to award a voucher for a friterie to the winning team and a box of chocolates for the team with the best name.

I’m glad to say that the quiz seemed to be a success. Three teams competed and we ended up finishing with two teams scoring equal marks, so the teams decided to share the first prise. I had fun introducing something I enjoy doing at home to friends in Belgium, and above all I think we all had a good time.

I look forward to organising other cultural events for VIEWS before my EVS project finishes at the end of June.