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Dinner in the Dark

On Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December 2017, VIEWS hosted two dinner’s in the dark. The concept of a ‘Dinner in the Dark’ is that fully sighted diners must try to eat their meal in a completely blacked out room . thereby giving them a small insight into what it might be like to be blind. The evenings are usually chaotic and lots of fun, as well as being an eye-opening experience for many.

We hosted our dinners at IRHOV, the local school for blind and deaf children in Liege, where the staff and students of the school helped prepare the meals for our guests. One of the classrooms was transformed into a dining room, of course ensuring that all windows were covered and all light was prevented from entering the room in preparation for the events. In addition, a tactile pathway was created on the floor on the dining room, to help guide guests and servers alike to navigate the room in total darkness. Speaking of servers, the guests were attended to by visually impaired VIEWS volunteers both evenings. The servers were responsible for guiding their guests to their tables, collecting their drinks from the bar and generally educating them about the realities of being a visually impaired person.

Our guests enjoyed a three course meal including quiche and salad to start, meat with vegetables for main and tiramisu for desert. Both evenings were a great success, but most definitely could not have been possible without the invaluable help of all our fantastic volunteers. They helped prepare the venue and food, serve the meals and clean up afterwards, so of course a very big thank you must go to them for making these evenings possible.

We will be hosting further dinner in the dark events in 2018 and we can only hope that they will be as successful and as much fun as these most recent ones.