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The Citizen Youth Forum Platform

On Wednesday the 11th of May, La Baraka welcomed the Minister of Youth, Isabelle Simonis, the Board of Youth, and the Youth Department of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels.


Within my work at La Baraka as a European volunteer I was involved in this project.

The day was divided into two parts. In the morning, there was a presentation of tools developed by the Federation Wallonie Bruxelles (FWB), the region where my hosting city is situated in Belgium, and CJ at citizenship for professionals. These tools propose to create a debate amongst the young generation about the ten articles of the Charter of Citizenship by the commission of intercultural dialogue. The ten articles offer the opportunity to address the foundations of our democracies with questions concerning equality between men and women, racism, homophobia, religion, freedom of expression and individual freedoms such as solidarity and the role of the school. This tool takes the form of an interactive web platform and was presented by the Youth Council. This presentation during the morning was followed by an afternoon of practical activities with young people and by the demonstration of the interactive platform explained in the morning.

The day ended with the presentation of a video made by a group of five individuals, including myself, which was another way to express our point of view.

The Minister of Youth really like the video and asked us to publish it in their interactive platform. It was a very interesting and productive day because the Minister and the entire Board of Youth sat and discussed with us. They listened to our opinions, they answered our questions and they explained the next steps to us of the development in the field of youth.