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CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS in KERALA (India) (self-funded project)

Jyothirgamaya Foundation is an organization for the blind located in Trivandrum, Kerala, south India.

Our Vision is to create a barrier free environment to the less fortunate blind people in India, As India is a developing country, opportunities for the differently abled are less, and they are often with a very low self esteem, and limited language skills. It is for this purpose that we are looking for young, energetic smart visually impaired volunteers, who can take them through the realms of access technology, English language, interaction and a healthy intercultural exchange, which would do them a grate deal of good. We at our organization train blind of all ages in access technology involving windows, Linux, Apple, and Android. We also teach independent living skills, orientation mobility, interpersonal skills, English, and Yoga.
We would expect the volunteers to share their expertise in what ever field they wish, and more-over to instill in them the confidence they have, and open up new doors to them.

During their stay, food and accommodation will be provided to the volunteers, with an assurance of complete safety, and responsibility from the time they land in Trivandrum, till the time they depart. Medical assistance shall be provided as and when necessary with immediate effect. Proper western style toilets and good clean bathroom shall be provided, however, this may have to be shared with others. The volunteer will be given a single room, if there are two friends, we will provide a room to share as per convenience.
As we are a charitable organization in a developing country, the volunteers are requested to pay a small fee as administrative costs of 20 Euros per week. If at all, due to any circumstances, a particular volunteer is unable to pay this amount, it can be negociable on discussion with the founder.
It is best to obtain a tourist visa, however a letter of invitation shall be provided by us if required.
A volunteer project shall last minimum two weeks and maximum period is four months.
Proper orientation will be given to nearby shops, and leisure areas. Tours shall be conducted, and they will be given an opportunity to explore. Kerala also has beautiful beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, and fabulous backwaters. The volunteers shall be given an opportunity to see what ever possible, within the time constraints, of time and possibilities of the organization, they shall also be welcome to explore with friends or alone with necessary guidance depending upon current situation.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Tiffany Brar, the founder.

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