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Board of Administrators

This page contains all the members of the VI Board of administrators in function.
Please, find above the componence of the VI BOA for each year with the relevant changes.

The Board of Administrators takes all the decisions of VIEWS International, following the directions chosen by the Board of Directors during the general Assembly.
Since 2021 the Board of Administrators is composed of the following members:

-Giulia PAGONI (It) - Chairwoman

Loredana DISCI (Be) - Secretary

Loredana reading a braille book

I have been a founding member of VIEWS International and and I was several times in its board, with some periods of absence. I am originally from Romania, living in Belgium since 2005 when I came as a European Volunteer with VIEWS. Now I am a mother with a little daughter, who is also visually impaired, so one day I hope she will be also part of VIEWS. I am working lobbying for the rights of persons with disabilities since 2015 and through others on youth policies.

In my free time, I volunteer for views, accomplish my dueties as a board member, read, travel and speak to my friends.

As a board member besides the tasks specific to the secretary in keeping up to date the minutes and other administration that the Belgium law imposes, I help with the website, the newsletter and where ever I am needed. As a board member my personal aim is to make sure that our organisation shines and brings to many young people what I have received. My wings to reach to independence, self-fulfillment and the courage to stend for our rights.

Anna-Rita DE BONIS (It) - Delegated Administrator

Anna RitaMy name is Anna Rita de Bonis and I come from Italy.

I have been a member of the board of administrators since November 2014 as a delegated administrator. It’s the first time I have worked for the board of an organisation, but I really like it because I feel involved and I can do something for other people too. I decided to present myself as a candidate for the board because I share VIEWS International values, goals and aims and I wanted to be a more active participant in its activities.

I have been engaged in international youth projects since 2008, when I took part in my first youth exchange as a participant, thanks to the Youth in Action 2007-2013 programme. From this moment on, I couldn’t stop because it really changed me a lot and I could enjoy the beauty of keeping in touch with people from all Europe and share moments and activities together. For these and many other reasons, I have continued to participate in so many youth exchanges both as a participant and as a group leader, and in some trainings as a participant and as part of the team trainers within various organizations, even with the new programme Erasmus+, where I worked with people with and without disabilities. Furthermore, in 2009 I served as a European volounteer in Belgium for 4 months.

My greatest passions are foreign languages and travelling. I really like meeting people from other cultures and exchanging experiences and opinions with them. Since I was a child I have been dreaming of becoming a simultaneous interpreter and this wish influenced my whole education carreer. For this reason I graduated in Translation and Interpretation in French and Spanish.

-Florentin RADULESCU (Ro) - Treasurer

Sylvie Doyen

New member of the Board: Sylvie Doyen
I am low vision and I have been volunteering since 2002 in the field of visual impairment and in VIEWS and later in VIEWS International. Since the same period, I joined another local organization that provides psychological support to any person who needs it. The experience I have gained working with this organization I am very happy to share it with the team of VIEWS International.

n my free time I enjoy Multicultural meetings, reading and singing. I also enjoy very much travelling and discovering new cultures. With VIEWS I joined various projects in Romania, Luxemburg, the UK, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria and Germany.
Since a few years, in Belgium, I support the European volunteers who join our organization within the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Commission.

  • Adil Ahmed Kavrama
  • Marian Padure