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Beyond Seeing: Jonathan's experience

Jonathan Lambert, a young partially sighted person from Liege, tells us about his experience of how he became involved with VIEWS International and took part in the Beyond Seeing project.

I learned about the existence of VIEWS International early in the utumn of 2016 when I was looking for international projects to practice my English and have fun experiences. It is with this in mind that I submitted my application to participate in the “Beyond Seeing” project in September 2016. I was very excited about the idea of the project which was to mix fashion with visual impairment, and so I was very happy to find out that my application had been successful.

I left on the 25th October and 2016 with a group of students from La Cambre de Bruxelles, one of their teachers and Selma, another visually impaired participant. To launch the foundations of this beautiful project. There, I met students from fashion schools in Paris, Berlin and Sweden. The aim of the project was to create innovative concepts in fashion that would go beyond the visual and create an exhibition that would be an interactive and multisensory experience.

Returning from this great trip, I thought the adventure had ended but it turned out that it was just the beginning. I was invited to Brussels in early March 2017 to attend a presentation from the students from La Cambre of their ideas, and to Berlin a few weeks later to finalise the projects of each school.
Coming back from Berlin I again thought the adventure was over, but I had not expected Scriba Kathirina, the instigator of the project to invite me to the opening of the final exhibition on the 18th of January 2018 at La Villette Parc in Paris.

It is therefore with pleasure that I joined the opening of the exhibition on the evening of 18 January and was able to see the finalised work created through the collaboration of fashion students and people with visual impairments. It was an exceptional experience for me and I would highly recommend everyone to check out the exhibition, which you can do byclicking here.