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Beyond Seeing - Innover le design de mode sans les yeux

The project "Beyond Seeing - Innover le design de mode sans les yeux", organized by the Goethe Institute in Paris, aims to convey fashion and design to blind and visually impaired people, through activities that engage the other senses. The project is being developed by design students, together with blind and sighted scientists, designers and artists, and its initial aim is to identify the needs and wishes of blind and partially sighted people when it comes to art. Moreover, it strives to find new approaches to integrate them better into society and give them the same rights as sighted people. The countries participating in the project are Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden.

On the 25th and 26th October a preliminary meeting took place in Paris. The blind and sighted participants met the fashion professors for the first time, which is an essential step to build trust and symbiosis. Round tables and workshops were organized, with blind and sighted experts from different fields (art, film, music etc.), as well as interactive group games.

Views International sent two visually impaired people to the preparatory meeting. Let's see how Selma and Jhonatan enjoyed their small trip to Paris.

If you want to hear the impressions of some of the organizers and participants, watch this video

Third meeting in Berlin

THe third and last meeting of the project took place in Berlin, between the 3rd and the 6th of April. Here is the account from one of the Belgian participants, Jonathan, who also took part in the two previous meetings.