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Aleksandra's EVS in Belgium

My name is Aleksandra Bohusz, I’'m polish. Two years ago I finished historian studies and one year ago librarian studies. After that I tried to find a job but without results.

In February the Polish Association of The Blind proposed me to participate in European Voluntary Service which is organised in cooperation with Views. I agreed and so I arrived in Belgium, in Liege, on the first of March.

My main duty here is my work. I am working in Sante Nord Sud. This is an organization for the immigrants which helps them to learn French, to work with computers, to protect their health and to find work.

I am assisting during French lessons, where I am preparing exercises and sometimes I am organizing the trips for people who participate (for example to the school for blind in Liege).

I am also working in a project “to collect glasses for people in Africa. By phone I contact pharmacies and hospitals to ask to help us in our project.

This work is n’ot my dream job but I am happy that I can meet many people from different countries and who show me different cultures. This experience is important for me because in Poland we tend to be not always very open-minded to other people.

I have also the occasion to improve my level of French language during the classes in which I am participating. But the most important for me is to live with another volunteer who comes from Italy. I get with her very well. We have to look after our house: cleaning and cooking alone. This experience is useful for me because in Poland I live with my parents and usually my mother does this. Now I learnt many things and in Poland I want to look for work and live independantly because I know now that I can do many things by myself. When someone propose to do them for me, it’ is very difficult to refuse.

I regret that now, when I know here many people who are very nice and many places, I have to leave Belgium on June 30. I would like to thank very much everybody who is responsible for my project and whom I had known here. This experience is realy good for me and I am sure that it will be useful in the near future.