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Agenda of Activities

Transnational Meetings

  • 15-18 November 2015 Belgium¨Check here the programme
  • September/October 2016 Italy
  • December2016/January 2017 Germany

Long Term Mobility of Youth workers

Each mobility project will last 3 months.

  • 1 Belgian youth worker will go to GIAA, France.
  • 1 Italian youth worker from Istit. Rittmeyer will work with VIEWS International Belgium
  • 1 youth worker from DBSV Germany will work at Aforisma Italy
  • 1 youth worker from GIAA France will work at LWL BBW Soest, Germany

Four National Multiplayer Event in November 2016 in each country.

Four local awareness sessions per country from January till December 2016.

We are also planning two intellectual outputs:

  • Sensitization and awareness raising sessions for job related public institutions [December 2015-October 2016]
  • policy paper January-December 2016

For the multiplayer event and local awareness sessions we will publish the dates as soon as they are known.

Follow the project's Facebook page at: and our website to know them.