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Advanced Planning Visit Poronin, Poland

For the Youth exchange “Beyond the horizon” that will take place in September in Poronin, Poland, an Advanced Planning Visit was organised. The event took place in Poronin, Poland from 8th till 10th of August 2016. An advanced Planning Visit is an event that gives the organiser and the partners of a project time to better prepare it. This kind of event can take place when we speak about a project with a special target group. And disability is one.

Anca and one of the young participants, Mohamed, represented Views International to this visit. During the visit we visited the accommodation, we discussed the planned activities, we met with representatives of the hosting association and we discussed the administration and financial matters.

During this visit we worked on the project and tried to find solutions to all possible difficulties that could arise.
We also gathered all the necessary information in order to be able to answer all the questions we had and all other potential questions from the young participants.

They were two fruitful days and a really enjoyable time in the surrounding of Polish Tatra Mountains.
These two working days were really needed in order to prepare the hosting of more then forty people from whom at least half are visually impaired.

We hope participants will have a great time during the youth exchange.

Let’s wait and see what they will say in the next following issue of our newsletter.