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Advanced Planning Visit 2016

Jessica from Spain and Julia from Poland two enthusiastic young girls willing to do something unforgettable and new. Nine month in a foreign country with a language they started to get to know what an challenge? Yes they dare to go forward.

This 5th of September they both came to Liège to get to know our organisation and their projects. Jessica will be hosted by the Social Cultural Coordination o the Saint Marguerite neighbourhood and Julia by the Special School for Blind and Partially sighted from Liège.


With the daily living officer they discovered their new house where for nine month they will live together. With their mobility officer they discovered the place where they will walk have fun during the next couple of months.

They met their hosting organisation, other ex-volunteers and volunteers of VIEWS. So many things done in suich a short time. All excitement and joy. They cannot wait to come. Less then one months seems to them too long.

We wish them success and interesting discoveries and experiences. Hope their level of joy stays always up.