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2nd transnational meeting in Trieste

From 22nd to 23rd October 2018 the second trans national meeting (TNM) took place in Trieste, Italy. It was part of the project VIP and new technologies:
easy access to job market. The representatives of

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VIEWS International, Belgium
Aforisma, Italy
Instituto Rittmeyer, Italy
Fundation docete omnes, Spain

participated in this event.

One of the topics of the TNM was the contents of the online platform created in the course of this project to help visually impaired people in their job
research. It was decided that the improvements on it should be done regarding the feedbacks received during the training course for testing the website
in Liège in November 2018.
The participants also talked about the necessary measures to develop the web application, linked to the online platform. The result as a product will be
tested by visually impaired people during a training course in Granada Spain in June 2019.

The representatives discussed also the dissemination of the project. All partners concluded that they had a problem getting in contact with the national
agencies of employment. The promotion of the project in the social networks was also one of the discussed topics during the trans national meeting. Some
decisions were proposed to improve the Facebook page .

Furthermore the program of the training course in Liege was prepared. The representatives chose what would be the cultural and optional activities for
the testers of the platform.
In the end of this meeting, the places and dates of each activity which should be realized till the end of the project were also fixed in Trieste. So let’s
keep on developing till 2020!