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2017 transnational meeting in Warsaw

The first preparatory meeting took place on 7th February 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting saw the participation of Anca David and Tamara Scharping, on behalf of VIEWS International, as well as those representing the co-ordinating organization (Polish Association for the Blind, PZN) and the other partner organization (Austrian Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted, BSVO).


During the meeting, the project partners discussed the first steps of the project, fixed some dates and outlined the content of the meetings:

  • training in Warsaw (30th May-4th June 2017): to exchange competences about reading and writing thanks to the newest technologies;

    • training in Li├Ęge (16th-21st November 2017): about daily living skills such as cooking, choice of clothing and image creation;

    • training in Vienna (9th-13th March 2018): about access to sport and leisure for visually impaired persons