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Entre formel et non formel : partage d’expériences pour DV en Europe et outre-mer

The project “Entre formel et non formel : partage d’expériences pour DV en Europe et outre-mer » is a study visit. It will take place in Liège (Belgium) during 7 days, in May 2014. It will involve 6 partners from Belgium, Poland, Romania and France (Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana). There will be 15 participants plus 4 accompanying persons, and 6 staff and administrative persons.

Rights of disabled people and youth projects after Brexit

After three years of negotiations The United Kingdom left the European Union. Many people have been afraid on how this incident is going to influence on current rules at force in EU. Fortunately, at near future that won't bring any visible changes.

Which aspects are the most important for VIEWS? As usual, we care mostly about young people with visual impairments. Well, let's see how Brexit will impact on that.

DiscoverEU- Get to know Europe webinar

On 15 January, the European Disability Forum organised a webinar on the European Commission's "DiscoverEU" programme. The following topics were discussed: what the project is about, what are requirements of participation and you get to know the opinions of people who have already participated in the "DiscoverEU" programme.

Volunteers seminar in Brussels- ESC Roxana & Kuba

In January 2020 the Belgian National Agency (BIJ) once again organised a seminar for volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps from the French community of Belgium. The meeting took place in Brussels on 15-17 January.

Thanks to the seminar we've met again with people whom we knew from the previous seminar in Louvain la Neuve. The meeting took place in Hostel Generation Europe located near to a center of the Belgian capital.

Ariannas' Job-shadowing project

I get the wonderful opportunity to do my job shadowing experience in Liege, from 16/01 to 29/01 in the beautiful city of Liege. Belgium, within Views international. Views international has the aim to support and integrate in the society visually impaired people and it supports them in their independence process.

Event in Florence

Our Multiplier Event in Florence was held at Circolo Baragli, which is a recreation and cultural center property of the Italian Blind Union, on 11th October.

Event in Trieste

VIP-TECH-JOB aims to empower young visually impaired persons in their request to find a job through social media and prepare them for a job interview via online and offline trainings.

Currently more than 70% of young visually impaired population in Europe is unemployed and we observed that in spite of having studied, the majority of them do not find a proper qualification.

European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019

On 28-29 November 2019, the European Commission together with the European disability forum organised the European day of persons with disabilities. As usual, such an event is a great opportunity to draw attention to the problems faced by people with disabilities on a daily basis. This year, the conference was also attended by many experts and politicians who joined the debate on the challenges facing people with disabilities. This year's conference was also a kind of summary of public consultations related to the European disability strategy 2010-2020.

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